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The United Galactic Federation (or Galactic Alliance in Lilo & Stitch: The Series) is a government that controls an unknown number of star systems and is considered to be a superpower.


The Galactic Federation is a interstellar republic composed of intelligent beings, brought together to serve their common interests. It appears to have existed for thousands of years. The member worlds of the Galactic Federation are each represented in the Federation Council, the main legislative body of the Galactic Federation. The leader of the Council is the Grand Councilwoman (or Councilman depending on gender), who it appears is elected by the Council from its membership. The Federation Council meets on the planet Turo, the Galactic Federation's capital.

The Galactic Federation has been involved in many extraterrestrial-related incidents on Earth, including the one that occurred near Roswell, New Mexico in 1973.


Galactic Command

Galactic Command functions as the military of the Galactic Federation. The Federation Council appears to have direct oversight of the Galactic Command, with the Grand Councilwoman (or Councilman) serving as commander-in-chief.


The Federation's troopers are alien velociraptor-like guards who function as the backbone of the United Galactic Federation. They serve as both the guards for captains of spacecraft, as well as the guards for those arrested or imprisoned. They also serve other functions as such as law enforcement (as the Intergalactic Police).


The United Galactic Federation controls many territories throughout the galaxy. The Galactic Federation's capital is the planet Turo, where the Galactic Federation Council meets. The planet Earth was recently made a protectorate of the Galactic Federation to insure the safety of its mosquito population. The mosquito, while common on Earth, is an endangered species throughout the rest of the galaxy and is near extinction.


Prisons are fitted with the best in defense technology, including hoverbots that are use to patrol.


United Galactic Federation ships come in many sizes from flagships to police cruisers. These ships all appear to incorporate hyperdrive technology.

Federation Ship

The Federation Ship is a large, gray zeppelin-shaped spaceship. This ship had the latest technology, included DNA-sensing blasters. It also contained holding cells, a bridge, a hangar for police cruisers and numerous types of defenses.

Police Cruisers

Police Cruisers were the standard federation ship. These ships were small and built like flying police cars. There were many thousands of these ships seen transporting Stitch. These vehicles were usually led by a pursuit captain.

Gantu's Ship

Gantu had a black and yellow ship that contained a computer room, living quarters, and at least one hangar.

B.R.B. 9000

The B.R.B. (Big Red Battleship) 9000 was a ship equipped with the latest technology. It served as Stitch's flagship during his tenure as Captain of the Galactic Federation. It contained a large, highly advanced bridge and had living quarters for Stitch and the crew. The ship was massive, but not as large as Gantu's ship. The ship had large storage capabilities and had a powerful defense network.

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