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Tigerlily Sakai, named Zuruko Sasuga (さすがつるこ, Sasuga Zuruko) in the original Japanese version, is Yuna's mean, bullying (but deep down, loving and caring) cousin who appears midway through Stitch! ~The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure~ (the anime's second season).


Tigerlily and Yuna have a love-hate relationship. Yuna loathes her lazy cousin for making her to do all the chores via blackmail or intimidation, earning Tigerlily the nickname "Tiger the Tyrant". Tigerlily hides her harsh demeanor with a sunny disposition, much to Yuna's chagrin. Whenever she gets the chance, Yuna will return the favor to Tigerlily for her treatment, such as indirectly interrupting her nap time or relishing in her phobia of lightning, much to Tigerlily's wrath. Though sometimes annoyed by Stitch, she openly expresses how fond she is of him, just not to his face.

When Yuna and Stitch reluctantly move off to live with Tigerlily in the third season, Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~, she mellows out a bit and becomes a bit more friendlier, though still forces Yuna to do the chores. Despite their vitriolic relationship, Tigerlily and Yuna (like Nani and Lilo) love and care about each other deeply. Yuna is truly touched by Tigerlily and actually cares about her, going as far as to hug her. Likewise, Tigerlily would do anything to keep her cousin safe, even if meant sacrificing something she wanted, though she will use these selfless acts as another way to get Yuna to do what she wants as a form of repayment.

Although she is harsh to Yuna and inconsiderate of her feelings, she claims she is only trying to be a role-model. Because of this, she makes Yuna do the chores around the house as penalization for her bad grades along with threatening to tell their grandmother. There are rare moments when their interactions are not spiteful. Tigerlily also vehemently dislikes being called old, giving off a dreaded atmosphere or going into a rage.


  • In the episode "Spooky Toons", Spooky shows Yuna's worst fear as a dinosaur resembling Tigerlily.


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