Pixley Pleakley is Pleakley's sister who appeared in Lilo & Stitch: The Series. She has a PhD and is the CEO of the Glorknot Galaxy, a medium-sized galaxy.


She made an appearance in "Fibber" where she, along with her and her brother, Bertley, arrived in Hawaii when they believed Pleakley is getting married. Pixley is shown to be stuck-up and snobby, often bragging about her success, even has her own bathroom in her office, and calling Lilo's home a hovel. She even looks down on Pleakley given that he used to be a member of the Galactic Federation and is sharing a bed with an evil scientist. At the wedding, due to the arrival of Gantu, who unintentionally revealed that Experiment 032 (Fibber) is a lie detector, Pixley was the first to call out what Gantu said. Upon hearing the truth, the family were upset, Pixley was upset that they traveled two million miles for nothing and blaming him for losing days of importing work, however, Fibber beeped at all their lies, revealing the family doesn't hate him, in their moment of honesty, Pixley admitted Pleakley's creative and was jealous of him, she felt inferior to him her whole life, the reason she's CEO was because she was trying to be better than him only to get a " high-powered career, a custom shoe closet, and bone-sheering loneliness", its also revealed that Pixley's career was caused by their mother, who admitted she pushed her children too hard all because she wanted them to be happy. Though, Pleakley tells them that he is happy with his family. They then made amends with each other and left.

Pixley, along with her mother and brother, appeared again in Leroy & Stitch, where they attend Pleakley being awarded of the position of being Head of Earth Studies at Galactic Alliance Community College, where Pixley watched her mom nudged her sleeping brother to wake him up.

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