The Pet Shop is a store in Kokaua Town seen in Lilo & Stitch: The Series that sells domestic animals to customers, not unlike the town's local animal shelter.


In "Finder", Mertle grows jealous of Lilo's new pet named Experiment 158 (Finder), so she decides to get one of her own. However, none of the pets available do any "tricks" like Finder did. The owner says she could teach a puppy to do tricks, but she demands one with tricks "already installed". She then sees the escaped Hämsterviel through the window and thinks he's a talking gerbil. She then leaves the shop to collect her new "pet".

In "Holio", Stitch goes undercover as a bunny at the pet shop to inspect the pod number on Mertle's bracelet. Sometime later, Experiment 606 (Holio) is activated by Mertle.

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