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Officer Kahiko is a police officer in Lilo & Stitch: The Series who knows Lilo well and occasionally tries to keep her out of trouble when she isn't accompanied by Nani.


He appears to be a kind reasonable individual. He is mature and responsible and takes his job very seriously, as shown in "Melty" where he arrests both Lilo and Stitch for causing the destruction of his police car after knocking a tree down, and in "Bonnie & Clyde" when Lilo and Stitch worked with Bonnie and Clyde to steal numerous items throughout town. When they realized their error, Lilo and Stitch decided to stop Bonnie and Clyde. Officer Kahiko saw them and thought they were up to no good again and were about to arrest them until Pleakley revealed Bonnie and Clyde as the real masterminds. While he didn't arrest them, he told them they had to return all the items they stole to make it up to everyone. This shows that while he is strict, he is also fair and believes in second chances. He has also shown a strong love for donuts as seen in "Bonnie & Clyde" and "Shush".

Background and appearances

He appeared in several episodes, often trying to keep the peace of Kokaua Town and has run into a few experiments, like in "Bonnie & Clyde" when he saw Bonnie and Clyde activated for the first time when he thought their pods were donuts, and dunked them in coffee and almost ate them. He was also seen in "Holio", where he caught Lilo several times being unsupervised by Nani. He was also seen in "Snooty", where he got spooked by a vampire bat-like experiment named Snooty and offered to give Lilo and Victoria a ride home in his police car. He made an appearance in "Melty" where he arrested both Lilo and Stitch for destroying his police car after knocking over a tree. He is also revealed to have a strong fondness for coffee and donuts, and often visits Kiki's Coffee Hut. In "Shush", he appears briefly where he is seen eating some free donut samples from Kiki's, and then orders three bear claws, two crawlers, and a maple bar before Stitch comes over and eats all the free samples.


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