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Nicolé is the chairwoman of the Museum of Natural History Kauai in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.


Nicolé made an appearance in "Yaarp". She appeared near the end when she heard the alarm set off by Experiment 613 (Yaarp), after which she had the authorities surround Gantu, but he managed to escape. She then informed Mayor Anolo about his museum being attacked by a "rampaging whale."

When Lilo, Stitch and Yaarp appeared before them, Lilo, with the help of Stitch, got the courage to suggest to the mayor about installing an alien alarm system, even revealing that Yaarp himself was the alarm. At first, Nicolé, along with the mayor, were about to dismiss it, but then Charles and Mary came over, where they blamed the mayor for ruining their honeymoon by allowing strange creatures in his city, and even reported that they were never returning. Afterwards, Lilo came up once again and gave the letter to Anolo, to which the mayor agreed to have Yaarp be the alarm at Lilo's hula school in order to keep tourism.

Nicolé then asked Anolo if he actually believes in the existence of aliens, to which the mayor replies that he doesn't; however, he does have hope that Mertle and the hula girls will become voters someday, showing that he only agreed to have the alarm installed in order to avoid bad publicity and keep tourism active.

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