Merwin Finklestein and Dean are a pair of stereotypical geeks who tried to expose the existence of aliens in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.


Merwin and Dean appeared in "Sample". They are both alien hunters who are obsessed with aliens and trying to prove their existence. Last year, at their first alien convention, Merwin showed everyone that they caught their first alien. Unfortunately, it turned out, with Dean adding in, that it was just an ostrich, which made the audience laugh at them.

This year, they came to the animal shelter after getting a call from Susan Hegarty to deal with an experiment (later known as Sample), to which they were delighted and surprised to find one. Also, upon the arrival of Lilo and Stitch, Merwin and Dean quickly deduced that the latter was also an alien and tried to capture him as well. However, Lilo and Stitch escaped, taking Sample along with them.

After Sample made various sounds he had recorded, the two aliens hunters found them. When Gantu arrived, Merwin and Dean, seeing that Gantu was an alien too, decided to capture him instead. Gantu ran away instead of chasing after Lilo, Stitch and Sample when he thought that Dean's fake weapon was real.

Merwin and Dean followed them to Lilo's house, where the four tried to escape, but Gantu was caught; however, Gantu managed to call a truce and made a deal with the alien hunters into exposing Stitch and Sample.

At the alien convention, when the two are preparing to expose them, Stitch and Sample escaped, so Merwin and Dean forced Gantu to pose as an alien instead. Jumba and Pleakley were also at the convention, with the latter worried that their secret was out; however, one of the spectators believed that Gantu was a fake.


  • They are the first two humans to see through the aliens' disguises, the third being Victoria.
    • In contrast to the people who knew, Merwin and Dean tried to expose the aliens for their personal gain.
  • When Susan Hegarty questioned them about dressing up as aliens, Dean revealed that their costumes were made by his mother out of her old trailer, while Merwin made a reference to E.T. as a cover-up.
  • The ray gun that Dean carried was made out of toilet paper rolls and aluminum foil, which Gantu mistook for a real plasma-converting pulse cannon 9000 series.
    • At the alien convention, Jumba could tell that Dean's cannon was fake.
  • Merwin's last name "Finklestein" could be a reference to Dr. Finkelstein from Halloweentown.
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