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Izayoi Island is a fictional island and the main setting in the Madhouse-produced first two seasons of the Stitch! anime series. It is located among the real world Ryukyu Islands. It serves as the home of Yuna and Gramma and becomes the new home of Jumba, Pleakley, and Stitch in the first two seasons of the anime; with BooGoo and Tigerlily joining them during the second season. It has also been visited by some of the experiments, such as Angel and Sparky. The island is inhabited by magical creatures called yōkai. It also home to the Chitama Spiritual Stone, which is the source of the yōkai's life force and protects the island itself.

According to Stitch's call to Yuna's father in the English dub of the episode "Dads Day", the island is located at 26.30° north latitude (26° 18' 0" N) and "around 120°" east longitude "where Penny's father has a hotel". This would place it somewhere in the East China Sea, about one mile north-northeast of Gaodeng Island in the Matsu Islands of Taiwan, which would make Izayoi closer to Taiwan than to Okinawa.

In the third season, Yuna, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Tigerlily, and BooGoo all move to the area of Okinawa New Town. The island isn't seen again until "A Very Stinky Christmas", when Stitch sends an invitation to Gramma to come visit his, Yuna, and Tigerlily's home in New Town for Christmas Eve.

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