"Finder" is the twenty-sixth episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It aired on December 22, 2003.


Stitch becomes jealous of a new experiment when Lilo takes Finder to show-and-tell instead of Stitch. Meanwhile, Hämsterviel escapes from prison and travels to Earth, where he is "adopted" by Mertle. While the Grand Councilwoman offers to reinstate Gantu's position for the capture of Dr. Hämsterviel, Stitch strives to upstage Finder by finding him first. Mertle is captured by Gantu by accident and Stitch and Finder team up to rescue her, with Finder flying Stitch to Gantu's ship. Stitch disables Gantu's ship and Mertle is rescued, while the Grand Councilwoman takes Hämsterviel into custody but doesn't reinstate Gantu due to him kidnapping Mertle. Finder is put to work running a "Lost and Found" at the beach.


  • In his debut, Finder is erroneously called 458, most likely due to Jumba's untidy database, but in "Skip", he is correctly referred to as 158.
    • If Finder maintained the number he was originally referred to as canon, he would have been the only 4-series experiment to have been featured in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.
  • Finder's left ear is inconsistent in his appearances. While he is portrayed as having a notch on the outer rim of his upper right ear (similar to Stitch), his left ear is drawn either with or without a notch around the same relative spot between scenes.
  • In most scenes, Finder's butt seems to be drawn incorrectly.
  • Finder's tail is missing when Lilo brings him for show-and-tell.


  • Moral: Everybody is good at something, but nobody is best at everything. 
  • This is the first episode where Hämsterviel escaped from prison, the second being "Bad Stitch".
  • The scene where Stitch is playing poker with the other experiments is likely an homage to the famous Dogs Playing Poker series of paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.
  • This episode contradicts Gantu's loyalty to Hämsterviel, as he was all too eager to bring Hämsterviel back to the Galactic Alliance in order to be reinstated as captain.
  • Hämsterviel apparently has some respect for Mertle, as he offered her to come work for him after she completed her education, even claiming that she could do Gantu's job much better.
    • Hämsterviel does, in fact, recruit Mertle in a later episode, albeit in an underhanded manner.
  • This episode marks the Grand Councilwoman's first and only appearance in the series.
  • Ironically, Gantu made the same mistake he made in the first film. By capturing Mertle along with Hämsterviel, he lost his chance to be reinstated, just like how capturing Lilo along with Stitch cost him his position in the first place when he was initially captain.

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