The Experiment Pod Container is a device seen in Stitch! The Movie that Dr. Jumba Jookiba had built to store all of his 625 experiments in their dehydrated form before he was arrested by the United Galactic Federation in Lilo & Stitch.


A sphere-shaped object the size of a globe propped up on a rectangular platform with a view screen. This is the primary database and container for all 625 initial experiments, keeping records of each and every one. It also monitors how many are contained within it and when one is activated; stating their number, primary function, and bringing up a projection of what they look like.

Gantu has the experiment pod analyzer in Lilo & Stitch: The Series on his crashed ship. The analyzer has a mechanical voice, and logs the available experiments it contains. It announces when an experiment is activated, and informs of its number and function. It also shows a 3-D image of the experiment activated for further recognition.


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