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Evilsaurus Rex or E. rex (credited as E-Rex in the English dub) is a Tyrannosaurus rex robot who appears in the Stitch! episode "Stitch vs. Hämsterviel Pt. I". He was created by Jumba to do evil deeds until Stitch reprogrammed him.



Hämsterviel disguised as a fortune teller tricks Jumba by telling him he will become good and less evil unless he invents something that will crush everyone in his path. Jumba invents Evilsaurus Rex (E. rex) to do evil deeds, but after he leaves his lab Stitch reprograms it. The next day Jumba reveals E. rex to Yuna, Angel, Felix, and Sparky, he tells him to do something destructive with his fire breath. However, he gently lights a little cake Stitch made for Angel.


Physical appearance

Evilsaurus Rex is a red Tyrannosaurus rex robot with no arms, little wings and a ball-like tail. His head has the appearance of a skull.

Powers and abilities

Evilsaurus Rex is able to breathe fire. He is also able to talk like a human.


"Stitch vs. Hämsterviel Pt. I"

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