Dr. Habbitrale is one of the villains who appear in the game Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626, voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Dr. Habbitrale appears in the early stages of the game where he is at his hideout placing a mutating gene into the Greema alien species, turning them into vicious monsters. He appears to have a rivalry with Dr. Jumba Jookiba as they are both evil scientists. He gives the word to his mutant Greemas to have Experiment 626 eliminated as he believes that by killing 626, he will be proving himself better than Jumba.

Later on, 626 finds him in his lair. He is the first boss that 626 battles in game. He takes on 626 inside a giant robot but is soon defeated when 626 throws small rockets at the robot. Habbitrale escapes into space inside a giant hamster ball.

He appears again at the end of the game where he's still floating in space.


  • Dr. Habbitrale strongly resembles Dr. Hämsterviel, so it is likely that they are the same species. Hämsterviel could also be based on Habbitrale, as Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 (Habbitrale's debut) was released a year before Stitch! The Movie (Hämsterviel's debut).
  • Unlike Hämsterviel, Habbitrale has no tail, although this may be because it is hidden under his clothing.


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