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Delia is an evil alien woman who appears as the main antagonist of the third season of Stitch!.

Physical appearance

Delia is a very tall, white-skinned, humanoid alien woman. She has long, bright red, human-like hair tied up in a bun and loop, thin red eyebrows, a long neck, and two huge, long, somewhat triangular ears with five earrings on the lower rims of them; two near the base of her right ear, one near the base of her left ear, and two midway down the left ear. Her eyes have light blue sclerae and heterochromia iridum, with a red left eye and a green right eye. She has purple nails on her humanoid hands.

She normally wears an indigo sleeveless dress, leg-long, high-heeled purple boots, an indigo choker strapped by a gold ball, a teal and cyan cape with purple shoulder pads, a purple arm warmer on her left forearm, two bracelets on her right upper arm (a gold ring and a loose, purple beaded bracelet), and a yellow alien computer-like device on her right forearm.


Delia is an evil alien woman who is in a partnership with Dr. Hämsterviel to get the Neo-PowerChip that is inside of Stitch. Delia altered a majority of Jumba's experiments, which had caused them to become physically stronger and evil, and Angel who is rescued by Stitch. Delia usually calls Hämsterviel the wrong name, such as Hämu Sama or Hämusta Sama, and then eventually punishing him with various explosions or robots, and even tickle-torturing him in one episode.

Delia is also the creator of the experiment Dark End, who is based on Stitch's DNA. Delia began the creation of Dark End at the start of the third season of the Stitch! anime and continued working on him until the second-to-last episode. After Dark End was created, Delia then invades Earth and sends him out to defeat Stitch. Stitch successfully defeats Dark End with the help of other experiments. Afterward, the Grand Councilwoman arrests Delia, Hämsterviel, Gantu, and Reuben.


  • Everything that Delia creates has an element that repeats the shape of her ears: a station, a communicator, and even her experiment Dark End. Hämsterviel has a similar habit.
  • She likes to cook and play in the bath with a rubber duck.


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