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Billy is one of the students at New Town Elementary in Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~. He plays for the school's soccer team.


Not much is known about his personality, except that he is an avid association football (soccer) fan and Hiroman's teammate. He doesn't seem to like washing very much, which can cause him to smell bad and is taunted by their teacher, Mr. Matsuda. He and his teammates were preparing for the inter-school soccer competition, but judging by the dialogue with the teacher, he never washed for such an important moment. There were cameras that broadcast their game on TV; at first, they lost to their rivals because there was no Hiroman in the game as he was given a ridiculous appearance by Dorkifier and didn't want to go out in public. However, after Yuna's encouragement, Hiroman joins the game and he and the team emerge victorious.

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