The Beauty Parlor is a hair salon seen in the Lilo & Stitch franchise.


In Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch, it is one of the places where Lilo and Stitch go to in an attempt to come up with ideas for a new hula dance for the hula competition at Lilo's hula school. However, while inside the salon, Stitch suddenly has a nervous breakdown, due to his glitch, and causes mayhem. He later travels back to the Beauty Parlor to try and do good deeds so as to prove to Lilo that he is not bad like she believes him to be.

In the series episode "Clip", the salon becomes Experiment 177's (Clip's) one true place after she was rehabilitated by Lilo and Stitch, who used hair lotion to tame her. Clip works at the Beauty Parlor as a hairdresser, where she gives people the perfect haircut that captures "the real them". When Jumba decides to get his afro cut (which had unexpectedly grown back), he tells Clip to do her stuff. Clip then trims Jumba's afro and gives the latter back his normal three hairs, which is how he likes it.

The Beauty Parlor is seen again in "Swapper" when Lilo and Stitch capture Experiment 355 (Swapper), who then swaps both of their minds. When Swapper refuses to switch Lilo and Stitch's minds back into their original bodies, Stitch in Lilo's body goes to the salon to get a haircut. After looking through some hairstyles in a magazine, Lilo with Stitch's mind shows the hairdresser who works there (before Clip became the new hairdresser) a picture of a Mohawk hairdo, and asks for that type of haircut. The hairdresser complies and trims the patron's hair into a wild Mohawk. Later, when Stitch in Lilo's body meets up with Lilo in Stitch's body (who had tried to go shopping at the Mart), the latter becomes shocked to see the former with a blue-and-white Mohawk hairdo.

The Beauty Parlor appears twice in Leroy & Stitch. When Lilo makes her rounds with Scrump to make sure all the experiments were happy in the one true place they belonged, Clip can be seen inside the salon giving Victoria a new hairstyle. Later, a Leroy clone appears inside the salon and manages to capture Clip.


  • The salon is mentioned by Pleakley in the mobile game Disney Magic Kingdoms after completing the quest "Nobody Here but Us Humans", in which he refers to it as the Kokaua Beauty Salon. He expresses his gratitude towards the salon's wig department and its "generous" return policy, believing that he is "single-appendaged-ly" keeping them in business because of his frequent visits there.


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