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Aunt Stacy is Mertle Edmonds' aunt who appears in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.


Stacy doesn't seem to have a positive relationship with her niece, as she forgets her name and doesn't really care about how she feels.

She also seems serious and firm when it comes to business, as she wanted to get to Los Angeles as soon as Mertle's half-birthday party ends, and again to know about how long the competition will last because she has a get to yoga class in five in the morning.

Stacy does have a sense of appreciation when it comes to talent, as she was impressed by the magic act and wanted Stitch, then later Pleakley, and then later Houdini to be a star.

Background and appearances

Stacy first appears in "Houdini". She didn't seem eager to attend Mertle's half-birthday party. However, upon seeing Stitch's "magic act", she phoned someone named Barry, saying that she found someone to be his special star, and gave Lilo her business card. She then wanted Stitch to make the lighthouse disappear, but given that his magic wasn't real and Houdini did all the stunts, Lilo had Pleakley stall for time. Just he was about to make the lighthouse vanish, Lilo, Stitch, and Houdini came back in time for the latter to make the lighthouse invisible. Stacy gave Pleakley a contract to sign, but Lilo revealed Houdini did all the stunts. Impressed, Stacy decided to let Houdini become a star.

Stacy appears again in "Spike" where she competed in the Ohana-Rama with her niece and sister. However, she didn't know Mertle was cheating with Teresa's help.

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