"Amnesio" is the twelfth episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It aired on October 27, 2003.


It is Lilo's birthday, but no one seems to remember. While she and Stitch hand out invitations for their own party, they encounter Gantu as well as an experiment that gives people amnesia. All three of them try to catch Amnesio, which causes them to lose their memories of each other. Now thinking that her name is Martha, Stitch is an escaped convict, and Gantu is her partner cop named Lenny, Lilo teams up with him to hunt down Stitch and find clues to their lost memories.


  • Moral: Family means nobody gets forgotten.
  • When Amnesio flies around in several instances, the song "Flight of the Bumblebee" is heard playing.
  • The password which reverses Amnesio's mind-erasing effects is "ʻohana", a Hawaiian word that Jumba did not know of until well after Amnesio's creation.
    • According to Jess Winfield, "Jumba obviously changed the password for Amnesio after arrival on Earth, when he learned about ʻohana." Because "it's always wise to change your passwords occasionally!"[1]
  • Nosox and Nodessertro were subtly mentioned by Hämsterviel in this episode, hinting that Gantu had captured them at some point. However, while Nosox physically appeared in "Snafu", Nodessertro did not. It is possible that he was either set free because he was considered useless, or he managed to escape.
  • This episode reiterates that Gantu apparently has a good side to him, as he became very kind at once while he was temporarily under Amnesio's effects.
  • The arcade games that Lilo/Martha and the little boy were playing had sound effects similar to Galaga and Street Fighter, respectively.
  • When Jumba tells the amnesic Stitch who he actually is, the former says to the latter, "You are 626, also called Stitch." This may suggest that Jumba does fully know his creation's legal name (which is already proven by other episodes), but he prefers to call Stitch by his experiment number instead.
  • Kixx, Sprout, and Poxy's holographic silhouettes appeared on Jumba's computer.
  • Before Gantu/Lenny releases Amnesio, he sees a family of ducks and says, "I'm lost," a callback to the first film.
  • Amnesio is not referred to by his new name at any point in his debut, but his name officially appears on the experiment name list in Leroy & Stitch.
  • This episode marks Cobra's first appearance in the series, serving as a guest at Lilo's birthday party.
  • Even though Gantu reverted to his old self after getting his memory back, he still treasured the pottery jar that Lilo had made him earlier, implying that he secretly appreciates her.

Experiments mentioned


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