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• 8/14/2018


Why is all these fanmade content on here? Theres are mostly OCs and a majority of the designs aren't even sourced properly. I spend half my day trying to organize and breathe new life into this mess but a mod banned me for "Vandalism"
So sad... This is such a good franchise!
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• 4/14/2018

Stitch & Ai experiments

Despite airing for quite a while, there are still no articles of the Experiments from Stitch & Ai.
Can someone make them already? I want to know the Chinese series experiments.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/15/2017

Lilo's eccentricity.

I wish Lilo's eccentricity didn't affect her social life so much.
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• 10/8/2016

Do you welcome fan experiments?

I've noticed a couple expriments look fan made, such as Cooper and Penny. Is this a mixture of canon and fanon? Or are we just filling the huge void in experiments?
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• 4/30/2016

Similarities between Lilo & Stitch and Sonic the Hedgehog/Pokemon franchises.

If you're familiar with Sonic and Pokemon, what comparison can you point out having correspondance to Lilo & Stitch.
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• 12/28/2015

Question About Stitch!

Where does Chris Sanders officially call Stitch! non-canon? If someone could get to this as soon as possible, it'd be highly appreciated.
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